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Crucible Mixers

Legend Part # 17800 - 24 Place (4 x 6) Crucible Mixer for 30-40 gram Crucibles

• Fast, thorough mixing.
• Increased productivity.
• Increased safety.
• Operates on standard 120 volt power

The Legend Crucible Mixer is designed to automate the mixing of fire assay crucibles. Because the operators are removed from the mixing operation, there are significant savings of time as well as substantial safety benefits due to reduced fatigue and repetitive motion reduction not to mention the benfits of removing the operator from the potential contact with lead dust while mixing.
The versatile Legend Crucible Mixer is ideal for a variety of
mixing duties including samples for fire assay, pulp and flux in crucibles.
It provides thoroughly mixed samples within 8 to 15 minutes, depending on fullness of the crucible or can. No covers are required, since crucibles or cans are sealed by a disposable layer of poly film is put between the crucibles and foam to eliminate any cross contamination. The lid clamp uses a new improved "acme thread" jack screw with hand wheel for rapid opening and closing- no tools or compressed air are needed for operation.

Includes batch timer and door interlock switch.
Electric Tumbler Mixer 029-848-01, 02984801, Flux Mixer, Pulp Mixer, Fire Assay Mixer
"Click to Download" Legend Crucible Mixer Operators Manual
Shipping Weight: 573 lbs Approximate Shipping Dimensions: 48" x 42" x 55"

Image Item Name- Model Price
24 Place (4 x 6) Crucible Mixer for 30-40 gram Crucibles

24 Place (4 x 6) Crucible Mixer for 30-40 gram Crucibles

Item: 17800

Crucible Mixer, Large Capacity

Crucible Mixer, Large Capacity

Item: 17847