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Calcium Gluconate Gel, 30 grams


Model: 17129
Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
Calcium gluconate gel is sometimes referred to as HF antidote gel.

This gel just may save your skin if you use hydrofluoric acid, HF in cleaning minerals...or for whatever other purpose. HF is a specially dangerous acid. In case of spillage on skin, the manufacturers of HF and chemical safety officers recommend you wash the skin immediately with cold water and then liberally apply the gel to the affected area keeping it on until you get medical attention.

This is not an FDA-approved product and we do not sell it as medicine. We make no claims of penetration into skin than sodium bicarbonate. It is essentially a chemical in a viscous water-based solution. We provide it on the recommendation of safety officers. We have not made any clinical effectiveness tests on our gel, or that of others. It is not for the purpose of treating a burn wound, please see a doctor for that. Some researchers theorize that it works by providing calcium to hydrofluoric acid that the skin may have absorbed, so HF does not take as much calcium from tissues. Research literature indicates that the gel is useful to decrease the effect of HF spilled on skin but we stress that it should NOT be considered an alternative to seeking prompt medical attention or clinical evaluation for HF spills on skin. Fluorides like ammonium bifluoride, boron trifluoride etherate and tetrabutylammonium fluoride that are also frequently used chemicals can transfer fluoride ion into the skin like HF so one should have gel for these too.
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