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7 place Conical Assay Mold (7x1)


Model: 18373E-HR
Shipping Weight: 20lbs

The Heat Resistant (HR) molds are made of a cast iron alloy with Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Chromium (Cr), and Nickel (Ni) for increased heat resistance. HR molds are designed to provide higher durability, while remaining cost effective. These HR molds are made to withstand an additional 300 degrees (f) higher than standard cast iron molds. 

Pricing is per each (1) heat resistant mold.

Cast iron conical molds for pouring the fire assay melt. Separates the slag and lead button.

Each mold cavity is 2.5" diameter by 1.75" deep.
Often used with multiple pouring systems from Furnace Industries, ESSA, and other manufacturers.

Approximate dimensions:
Overall length: 27-3/8" (695mm)
Overall width: 3-1/2" (89mm)
Overall height: 3-1/2" (89mm)
Cone center spacing: 3-1/2" (89mm)

V- Kaleimomi
I bought this mold to try because I was not satisfied with the longevity of the standard alloy mold I purchased from others. I have to say I am impressed with how well this is holding up with the better alloy. I am using this for standard fire assay crucible fusions at 2000°F. My order was out fast and they have exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.

Technical Data Sheet