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Bone Ash Furnace Bedding- 55 lbs


Model: 17118
Shipping Weight: 59lbs
Bone Ash - [Ca(H2PO4)2(H2O], Calcium Phosphate
(Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate)

Bone Ash is ideal for use as Hearth Plate Bedding and Furnace Lining Powder. It has high resistance to heat transfer (natural thermal insulator).

It increases the life expectancy of refractory and equipment.

The excellent quality of bone ash as a mould coating for metals is attributed to the internal structure of the small, individual particles.

The original cellular structure of the bone is preserved, thus giving the material a high resistance to the transfer of heat.

Use these economical powders to line your furnace to protect the brick and hearth plates. Absorbs spills and protects against wear and abrasion.

Formula: [Ca(H2PO4)2(H2O]
Sold by the Each 55 lbs Bag

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