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Geotechnical Gauge - HM-512


Model: 22560
Shipping Weight: 0.04lbs
Inventory Available:5
Geotechnical Gauge HM-512
Make accurate and consistent observations every time with the Geotechnical Gauge HM-512 is a water-resistant 5"x 8" (127x203mm) plastic card on a lanyard and has a wealth of information for classification of soils. Six color chips, four patches of sized grains, and four tables assist in classifying:

Multipurpose guide to color, description and size for sand, silt and clay. Sand samples from fine to coarse are fused to the card. Gives shear strength ranges and unconfined compressive strength ranges for clay consistency. Charts relative percent of density and gives field tests to determine sand types.

• Soils by particle size using the Unified Soils Classification System.

• Coarse and fine grained soils into fifteen descriptive categories from gravels and sands to silts and clays
• Sand by type from very loose to very dense.
• Clays from very soft to hard.

Edges of the card have separate 0" to 6" and 0 to110mm scales.

Categories are defined by appearance, by handling properties, or by ranges of field and laboratory test results.

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