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Porcelain Crucibles

CoorsTek Porcelain Crucibles are glazed inside and out except for the outside bottom surface and rim. 

Prolonging Labware Life
• Follow gradual heating and cooling rates.
• Use an oven or hot plate as an intermediate step when quicker heating/cooling rates are required.
• Gradually increase flame intensity when using a gas burner.
• Avoid contact of heated ware with a cold surface.
• Carefully inspect your labware prior to each use.
• Do not use any product that appears defective.
57.5 on the Rockwell 45N scale
Refractory Qualities
Fusion point: 1670° C
Softening point: 1400° C
Limit of use, unglazed: 1400° C
Limit of use, glazed: 1150° C
Limit of use, evacuated: 1300° C