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Vacuum (Pin) Tubes 0.236 Inside Diameter - Pack of 25


Model: 18295
Shipping Weight: 1.3lbs
Vacuum (Pin) Tubes 0.236 Inside Diameter - Pack of 25
Evacuated Pin Tubes for Rapid Sampling of Molten Metals
Vacuum pin tubes are used to produce a sample from a molten metal pool. Normally used to sample molten metal from a crucible or ladle spoon. Simple to use- submerge the bubble below molten surface. When you feel the jolt this indicates that the pin tube is filled. Remove and cool. You can also tap the bubble on the side of the crucible after submerging to induce filling.

In operation, the pin tube is held in a simple spring holder. The molten metal is removed from the furnace, killed, and the slag is pushed aside. The pin tube is immediately inserted into the molten metal at an angle of 45 degrees until the thin walled bulb section is completely immersed. This opens the glass and fillls the tube with molten metal to form a solid, slag-free pin every time.

At least 95% have a vacuum better than 1 torr sufficient to draw up most metals hotter than 1800°F and instantly providing a quick-chill homogenous sample. Steel, precious metals, copper and other metals are routinely sampled using the  pintube wherever viscosity is sufficient and temperature is greater than the melting point of borosilicate glass(1775°F).

Special tongs are available for holding the pin tube during use.
18295 - 0.236" inside diameter.
0.236" +/- 0.01"i.d. (6.0mm i.d.) x 6" long.
0.26257 cubic inches
Approximate gold capacity: 83.1 grams

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