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Assay/Refining Litharge powder 25lb


Model: 15204-25
Shipping Weight: 26lbs
Inventory Available:15
Gold and Silver Free Assay/Refining Litharge - Lead Oxide (PbO)

This litharge (PbO) is ideally suited for refining application where a low cost source of lead oxide is needed.

Powder litharge contains some small lumps/granules. Packed in 25 pound buckets.

Suitable for lead collection refining, smelting, and assaying.

Physical Properties
Color Yellow/Orange
Form Powder
Specific Gravity 9.5 g/cc
Apparent Density 23-33 g/
Molecular Weight 223.21
Refractive Index 2.67
Melting Point 1630°F. (888°C)
Gold Content:
<1 ppb
Silver Content: <2 ppm
Platinum Content: 0.1 ppb
Palladium Content: 0.6 ppb

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