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Granulated Test lead -10kg (22 lbs)


Model: 15258
Shipping Weight: 23lbs
Test Lead is a high-purity, low silver, granular lead. It is used in scorification, cupeling, chiddy assay, lead-acid assay, chemical testing and other analytical producures.  Also referred to as: lead shot, granular lead, lead pellets.

10kg (22 pounds) bag, imported.
Specification Result
Lead 99.995%
Bismuth 0.0007%
Copper 0.0008%
Zinc 0.0004%
Antimony 0.0007%
Arsenic 0.0005%
Iron 0.0005%
Cadmium 0.0002%
Silver 0.0002% (2ppm)
Tin 0.0005 %
Nickel 0.0002%
Approxmiate partical size: 1.0mm

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