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Geologist Hanging Pendulum Pivot Magnet


Model: 19492
Shipping Weight: 0.08lbs
Geologist Hanging / Pendulum Pencil Magnet - Ideal for swing testing for magnetic media
Neodymium Magnet Tip
Aluminum Barrel
Stainless Steel Center Spring Wire Pivot
Pocket clip
Overall Length: 4-5/8 inches (118 mm)

Designed in the shape of a pencil with pocket clip and Neodymium Magnet tip.
A Stainless Steel spring wire clip is located at the middle. When the magnet is held, or a line attached to the pivot clip, the "pencil" pivots on this centerholder.
When passed over a Core Sample the Neodymium Magnet at the tip is attracted to magnetic minerals present in a rock specimen brought into its proximity. The pocket clip location can be adjusted to change the balance angle.

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