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Aluminized Assayers Clothing

Legend Inc carries a wide selection of aluminized clothing and other high temperature resistant gloves and mittens.

Our aluminized coats, gloves, jackets, hoods, boots, chaps, sleeves are capable of withstanding radiant heat of up to 2000°F and shed small amounts of molten splash.

Aluminized Aprons - simple radiant heat protection for applications that demand economy and do not require dealing with extreme temperatures.

High heat gloves and mitts - high temperature gloves and mittens range in abrasion resistance and contact temperature resistance properties, they are available with aluminized backs or non aluminized in a range of fabrics including Kevlar PBI reinforced and He-Tex.

Aluminized chaps - economical high temperature garments.

Aluminized jackets - 30" long jackets made with aluminum coated Rayon.

Aluminized coats - 50" long jackets made with aluminum coated Rayon.

Aluminized hoods - Oberon Aluminized Rayon and Kevlar PBI Hoods with ratchet headgear.