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Crucible Use Guidelines
Use Fire Clay Crucibles for general fire assay fusions and other melting applications from 2200oF up to 2400oF.
Graphite Crucibles are typically used for smelting and refining of precious and base metals.
They are suitable for use at temperatures up to 3000oF.
Fused Silica Crucibles are used for melting gold, silver, and other precious metals at up to 2750oF.
Silicon Carbide Crucibles are more durable and long lasting than graphite crucibles. They can be used for melting, smelting, and refining of precious and base metals, concentrates, and other products
Be sure and use the proper flux to ensure long life of the crucible and to produce the desired result.
Various Assay and Refining Pre-Mixed Fluxes as well as individual flux components are available.