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colorpHast pH Test Strips (Range: 7-14)


Model: 13123
Shipping Weight: 0.15lbs
colorpHast pH Test Strips- Range: 7-14
Each package contains 100 colorpHast strips.

Unique pH test papers feature covalently bound indicators that will not bleed, dilute, or contaminate trace samples. Accurate results are achieved even in weakly buffered, turbid and colored samples. Strips give sharp, clear color changes for easy comparison to color scale provided on the colorpHast package.

These strips provide a convenient method for accurate colorimetric pH indication. The strips feature covalently bound indicator dyes so that they will not bleed even in strongly alkaline solutions. Strips can be immersed in samples for extended periods, so that even weakly buffered solutions can be accurately tested without contaminating the sample.

The universal strip tests the full 0-14 pH range with a sensitivity of 1 pH units.

Intermediate range indicators provide a sensitivity of 0.3-0.5 pH units and narrow range strips provide a sensitivity of 0.2-0.3 pH units.


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