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Used Vcella TL-60 Tilting Furnace


Model: U0166
Shipping Weight: 500lbs

Used Vcella TL-60 electric tilting furnace.  Good overall condition.  Crucible in very good condition (apprears to have been fired one time).  See pictures for more information on condition.


  • Automatic temperature controls with digital readout- Furnace maintains temperature set by operator.
  • Rugged yet light weight construction for long life
  • Vented lid which latches in up position
  • Heavy wall clay Silicon Carbide crucible with spout (used in good condition)
  • Insulating brick lining for maximum heat retention
  • 240V, single phase, 50 amps

Approximate Crucible dimensions:

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Crucible for Vcella TL60 Tilting Furnace
Outside Height:    15" (381mm) Outside Top Diameter:     10-3/4" (273mm)
Outside Middle Diameter:    12-1/4" Outside Bottom Diameter:    9"
Inside Height:    13-1/2" Inside Top Diameter:    9-1/2"
Pour Spout Length:    11" Crucible Weight:    50 lbs

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