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How To Smelt Your Gold & Silver by Hank Chapman


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How To Smelt Your Gold & Silver by Hank Chapman Jr. - 2019 Revision 5
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This book is intended for amatures and professionals who are smelting and refining concentrates, ores, and other metallurgical products.
It is an excellent "how to" manual with specific fluxes recommended for various products.
If you are getting started with refining and smelting, this is an excellent starting point.
Chapter 1. Information
Chapter 2. Safety: Protective Clothing, Gloves, Eye Protection, Respirators, Ventilation, Fire Hazards, Burn Hazards
Chapter 3. Chemicals and Reagents: Sodium Carbonate; Silica, Borax Glass, Manganese Dioxide, Calcium Oxide, Fluorspar, Bone Ash, Potassium/Sodium Nitrate, Nitric Acid
Chapter 4. Equipment and Fixtures: Attitude Toward Safety, Basic Structure and Fixtures, Personal Protective Equipment, Heat Source, Furnace Controller, Tongs, Scrapers, Etc., Balance or Scale, Pouring Molds, Odds & Ends, Notebook
Chapter 5. Fluxes: Making the Fluxes, Original Mint Flux, Gold Smelting Flux (Gold Only), Gold Smelting Flux #2 (Placer Gold), Silver Flux
Chapter 6. Slag: Appearance, Color, Hazards, Retention of Values
Chapter 7. Crucibles: Assay Crucibles, Fused Silica Crucibles, Crucible Management, How to Roll a Crucible
Chapter 8. Smelting: Placer gold, Concentrate, Scrap Jewelry, Precipitates # 2, Silver Chloride, Silver (Metallic), Carbon Ash, Amalgam, Sampling, What You Can't Smelt, Odds & Ends
Chapter 9. Shotting: General, Digesting or Refining Silver, Colored Gold
Chapter 10. Useful Information: Make More Money, Industrial Cupellation
Chapter 11. Upgrading Your Concentrate: Observations, Options
Chapter 12. Selling Your Gold: Security, Dealing with the IRS, Marketing, What's It Worth.
Apendices include:
How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet The Anatomy of a Tilting Furnace
Useful Conversions Suppliers

ISBN-10: 096626780X ISBN-13: 978-0966267808

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